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How can Regtech help your company with GDPR?

Regtech, is a new technology that uses information technology to improve regulatory processes.
GDPR is no different, you can adapt our program according to the needs of your company.

Gap Analysis

Gap analysis that meets all aspects of your business, from the employee to the supplier.

Data Protection Impact Report

Consultancy in the preparation of the base report for approval of the GDPR compliance program.

Data Mapping

Complete mapping, observing all the principles of the General Data Protection Law.

Programa All in one

Gap Analysis, Data map, DPIA, structuring of the adequacy program, communication channel with the authorities and audits.


How does the Regtech GDPR compliance program work?

The program to adapt to the General Data Protection Regulation, despite having a large workload, is not difficult to be implemented.


Helpweb Brasil has developed a methodology that simplifies the entire process of implementing the GDPR adaptation program, allowing the process to be flexible, to the point that it can be used by any type of company.


Regardless of the size of your company, Helpweb Brasil can assist your company in adapting to the GDPR, always seeking the best cost-benefit but without reducing the quality of service, so that your company is supported in all points of the program to adapt to the GDPR.

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Is your company prepared for the GDPR?

Did you know that regulatory technology compliance can grow your business?

Establishing and documenting processes, as well as designating those responsible for maintaining the regulatory technology program is vital to reducing rework and increasing your company's efficiency, allowing more creative time for you and your team.